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Tilting for Internal Presence

  • November 11, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar



Nicole Greer will be presenting Tilting for Internal Presence

Each individual within an organization is the author of his or her life and work. What if, collectively, we learned that our internal character is the ONE THING that has and will continue to determine the ability to create positive change both personally and professionally? Every day individuals engage in habitual behaviors. Left unexamined, one may not realize how much of his or her results are determined by unconscious motives and actions. Some take the time to reflect and change automatic habits, continuously changing over the course of life. In character science, we refer to this as a growth mindset. Some don’t and we refer to this as a fixed mindset. Those who “get” this all-important lesson -- of reflecting and having the courage to act on those reflections -- grow great character and presence. Developing great presence takes a personal commitment to change from the inside-out and produces positive self-acceptance, self-knowledge, self-regard and self- change. It is developed by choosing and establishing habits that keep your mind, heart, gut and spirit in alignment and balance. Without daily practice and balance, one or more of your natural ego needs can Tilt your behaviors into overdrive, creating stress and triggering others. This leads to energy loss, relationship stress, and ego sensitivities in yourself and others, which ultimately impacts your change initiatives. Exploring the Tilt framework provides the tools to operate from a more agile mindset so you change into the best version of yourself. Personality is where your preferences begin, but it is your character that defines who you become and changes your destiny. This a highly interactive “up and moving around session.” The participants take away new knowledge that can be applied immediately to their own life and work. Tools provided are: the TILT Model, The Tilt Factors reference tool and personal workbook.

DATE:  November 11, 2020

TIME: 12:00 pm eastern


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