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Introducing ACMP Carolinas: An Announcement from the ACMP Charlotte Board of Directors

February 27, 2020 9:39 AM | Julie Gawle (Administrator)

As many of you may have heard, the Charlotte and Raleigh ACMP Chapters will be consolidating into one regional chapter called ACMP Carolinas. The target date to complete this merger is March 31. 

How This Came to Be:

The global ACMP organization approached the Charlotte and Raleigh chapters late summer 2019 to consider joining forces and combining our individual efforts to expand into a Carolinas chapter. This consolidation will allow the new Carolinas chapter to better align with the overall strategy of ACMP, provide synergies across the regions enabling more opportunities for members, while creating more inclusivity for our change management peers across the state who do not have a home chapter to leverage the resources of a larger Carolinas chapter. This expansion also means that we will be able to welcome our friends and neighbors in South Carolina in the future (there is no local ACMP chapter in South Carolina currently). We’re not the first to consolidate, as many of our sister chapters across the country (Pacific Northwest, New England, etc.) have been down this road with great success.

Why We Doing Are This:

When President David Chapman brought this idea to the Charlotte board, there was resistance at first (hey – we’re change managers! We understand resistance!). But the board continued to talk about this. As the Charlotte and Raleigh boards met at the end of 2019 to discuss what the future could look like, we started to consider new and exciting programming and what the new Carolinas chapter structure would be. The more we thought about it and talked about it, the more it seemed like a great idea that would benefit change managers across the whole state (and SC in the future). Here are some of the key benefits of a combined chapter:

  • We can leverage the strengths of each chapter
  • We can share knowledge and best practices more readily
  • We can increase our service offerings to our current membership
  • We can reach new members and grow the Carolina's change management community
  • We will have an expanded pool of committed volunteers from across the state

There are benefits to you, our members and friends, too:

  • You can meet change managers across the region to expand your network
  • You will learn from new presenters that may not have presented to an individual chapter due to location constraints
  • You can expect state-wide conference-like events in the future
  • You can take advantage of new chapter leadership opportunities to grow your network, skills and experiences
  • You will see more benefits as members due to the expansion of resources (i.e. people, money, good ideas, etc.)

What’s Been Happening:

A subset of both the Charlotte and Raleigh boards have been meeting at least once a month since late 2019 to envision what a Carolinas chapter could look like. We have a proposed Board structure and both Treasurers have been working hard to consolidate our finances and tax status. We are still in the design phase for some areas but are starting to plan the initial stages especially in programming, membership and administrative consolidation. This is a journey and not something that changes overnight. There is a lot to consider and design so the consolidation benefits you, offering you the most value. It's a great time to get involved....right at the start of this expansion! If you would like to support this journey, join us on March 4.

 What’s Next:

The combined boards are targeting an “official” consolidation on March 31. As you would expect with a volunteer-driven organization, dates may need to shift so we will keep you informed as we progress. Keep an eye on the News page on our website for more. Here are some of the changes you can expect in the coming months:

  • The Charlotte and Raleigh websites will merge into one. We have secured the web address and expect to launch in the April time frame.
  • Similar to when we formed the Charlotte chapter, we will have an interim “Formation Committee/Board” in place for a few months to handle the administration of the consolidation. Then, we will open up nominations for the state-wide board to all our members across the region.
  • More events. We want to offer more virtual events so our members and friends from across the state can come together to learn. But we will continue to have local events as well. Keep an eye on our Events on our website for more information.
  • Member engagement. A big focus for the consolidated chapter is to provide more value for our members at the local level. We know the benefits of a global membership, but being an ACMP member should be local too! We want to find new and creative ways to show our members how important they are.
  • Your profile on will reflect “Carolinas chapter.” We do not yet know when this transition will occur, or if you will need to manually make the change, but after the consolidation, your home chapter will be listed as Carolinas.

We are really excited about joining forces with our Raleigh team and other interested peers across the Carolinas. We hope you are too and support ACMP as we take the next steps toward making this vision a reality!

--ACMP Charlotte Board of Directors

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